KUULAA Power Bank 10000mAh Portable Charging PowerBank 10000 mAh USB PoverBank External Battery Charger For Xiaomi Mi 9 8 iPhone


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Please NOTE :

Power bank has two regular standard of capacity , one is the battery capacity, one is the rated capacity. The 10000mah power bank, being labeled 10000mah/3.7v core capacity be converted to rated capacity 6500mah/5v.

Why exist this difference?

The most important reason is the conversion rate. Because most of power bank’s battery voltage is 3.7V, and power bank needs to increase the voltage to 5V when charging the mobile phone, which making the power bank’s conversion efficiency only 3.75/5=74%, Also include generated heat when battery voltage boosting, and various of wire consumption, Electricity and self-consumption. these points add up to account for 30%-40% of the power of the mobile power source.So the 10,000mAh power bank can really be used by us only about 6500mAh.

Also, The conversion rate of the entire mobile power industry is basically in the range of 60%-70%. Please kindly noted.

Please search on Google if want to know the details

Thin and small

Large Battery Capacity

High current, Not fake

The maximum output current is 2.1A
Output port A1: 5V 2.1A
Output port A2: 5V 1A
*The above results are measured by KUULAA Laboratory but may have discrepancy or error to changes of objective environment.

Very Small size

Smaller than your phone

Dual USB Output

Micro interface,
Type-c interface input

Delicate Touch

Exquisite craftsmanship
Easy to hold with one hand

10000mAh Large Cpacity Long Lasting

Can provide more times of charging
For electronic devices such as mobile phones

Portable, Can Charging wherever You Go

10000mAh with no fake, no need to worry about charging when outgoing

LED Power Display

Full-view LED display screen
Visible for power management

Safe Traverl

Portable design compliant with aviation administrative standard can be safely brought aboard

Technology & Art

High performance and beautiful appearance

Multiple Composite Protection System

From the inside out, multiple protections for your caring service
Temperature protection
Out short circuit protection
Reset protection
Input overvoltage protection
Metal foreign body protection
Output overcurrent protection
Output overvoltage protection
Battery overcharge and discharge protection
Smart chip protection

Two Classic Colors

Elegant white, noble black

Product Parameters

Lithium battery capacity: 10000mAh(37wh)
Input voltage: 5V/2.1A
Input interface: micro + type-C
Size: 140*67*16 mm
Output voltage: 5V/1A; 5V/2.1A
Weight: 226g


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